What the Raiders need to do in 2013 offseason? Possibilities?

First off, I’m liking the restructuring moves by McKenzie including Tyvon Branch (who I think is the most consistent, hard working player the Raiders have), and Mike Briesel. We are now just about 6 million under the cap but there’s a lot more to be done. Tommy Kelly needs to restructure or I would cut his bum ass. DHB I think needs to go. I’ll explain why later. Michael Huff is a bit of a disappointment. He needs to restructure but I like his work ethic. Lastly Carson Palmer, what the hell do we do with this guy. He most definitely needs to restructure. I would like to see him stick around and mentor Pryor for at least another year. I want to see Pryor start and work with Darren McFragile I mean Mcfadden. Thats if we don’t trade McFadden for some picks in the draft that we could use but I personally think we need McFadden unless we land Stephen Jackson which is pretty unlikely. Anyway I think Palmer would be a great backup QB. If Pryor starts sucking or gets hurt put Palmer in there. Also, dump Seymour and try and keep Desmond Bryant and Brandon Meyers.

I’m really nervous with this draft. I’m hoping Reggie McKenzie makes the right decisions. I really hope we don’t draft Geno Smith. I don’t know why but I feel like it would be a Jamarcus Russell round 2 kind of pick. I could be wrong but this is more of a defensive player oriented draft and we need all the help we can get with the defense. A Shariff Floyd or a Star Lotulelei would be well needed for our first round pick.

With the free agents, there’s a lot of veterans out there. I really think the Raiders should reel in some guys that would help with our missing draft picks (thank you Carson). Now I said I would talk about Heyward-Bey’s situation. I think it’s time for him to go. I really liked what Rod Streater did this year and we can keep him for cheap. Denarious Moore and depending on how healthy Jacoby Ford is, this can be a deep threat duo. Juron Criner and Derek Hagan are solid backups too but I would love to see Greg Jennings make his way to Oakland. Jennings and McKenzie are familiar with each other but it will be hard for Jennings to leave a Super Bowl contender to a Black Hole. Some CB’s the Raiders should target Derek Cox JAX, Sheldon Brown CLE, E.J Biggers TB, Chris Gamble CAR, and Nnamdi Asomugha PHI (unlikely but I miss him dearly). Any of those guys are worth a second round pick which the Raiders do not have. Some other guys that would be nice Bart Scott LB, NYJ, I don’t know why but I think he would look nice in silver and black. Dashon Goldson S, SF, him alongside of Tyvon Branch would piss off Goodell and would be a hard hitting safety duo. 

The Raiders are still in a process of becoming a contender out of the AFC West but they are getting close. I hope.


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